Vintage Delivery

Vintage Delivery is all about unique clothing. Old stuff, used stuff becomes new cools stuff with some redesigning and creative thinking. We also specialize in Vintage Dresses, Vintage Shoes for Men and lovely Vintage Leather Bags, for everyone. 
Our shop is stocked with unique handpicked vintage pieces and a selection with clothing from up-and-coming young designers. 

The shop is now located in Gili Trawangan, a small island outside of Lombok in Indonesia. We travel every two months to find new clothing and vintage clothing for our shop, but also for other vintage shops around the world. 
You can find clothing from us in a shop, hopefully, near you. We send to shops in Australia, Greece, England, Russia, Sweden and New York, for now. Otherwise you can always shop in our online shop and we’ll ship it home to your doorstep!

If you are interested in wholesale and prices, please send us an email to 

Vintage Delivery was born many years ago when two people, who didn’t know each other yet, met on a backstreet in Sweden. They quit their jobs and moved into an old worn down beer brewery. After restoring the warehouse, the doors opened up to a Vintage Store. Once a week the place was filled with vintage lovers, live music and art exhibitions. 
After three years the two vintage people got tired of the dark and cold sweden and moved on to more southerly latitudes, the Gili Islands. A place where the sun shines every day and customers are enjoying their holiday while shopping for vintage goodies. If you’re in the neighbour hood, don’t hesitate to stop by the shop for some chatting or shopping. 
On this webpage we only have samples of our style and what kind of vintage we stock. Most of the products are already sold. But you can shop online as well! The online shop is found on facebook, here ----> Vintage Delivery Online Shop


/ Vintage Delivery mailto:info@vintagedelivery.com
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